Kicking dirt off of socks

Dirty White Socks
67 Photos | 2 Videos

phil-flash's Avatar You know that girl next door, the one who walks to the mailbox in her socks. Yuuuuuup... that is the inspiration for this set.

We had a lot of fun shooting this one... while editing the video... I felt my cheek muscles all smiled up. I was smiling and re-enjoying the fun we had. Once you watch the videos, you will know what I mean.

   Animated Fun   

Here is a sidenote... I had to run to Walmart this evening to get something. As I was leaving the store, this girl was walking into the store with no shoes, just her socks. I thought what a coincidence, because I am getting ready to release this set tonight.

But this girl, she was not even close to being cute... AND... it's fucking gross to walk through Walmart with just your socks on. Yukkkkk!

Back to the video, and how I was smiling during the editing process... there is this part where Kasia spontaneously says...

Teen Kasia's Avatar This is from Poland... (huge lol burst follows)

Polish Teen... Kasia

... and simultaneously, she grabs that tight little ass of hers and starts to giggle.

This set includes 2 videos and there are 67 full resolution (3872 x 2592) Premium photos. In addition to that, you get 36 animated GIF's in a zip file called... Animated Fun. See what phil-flash has done with these animations... you must!!!

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Teen Kasia
Set Data
TitleDirty White Socks
StatusRemastered - Final Release
Animated Fun36

Trailer Videos

Kicking dirt off of socks
Kicking dirt off of socks
Kicking dirt off of socks
Kicking dirt off of socks

Teen Kasia
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