Priscilla Sin
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DOBMarch 18
Height5' 2"
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Priscilla Sin

Priscilla Sin
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phil-fucking-flashThis petite 18 year old brace face teen has some seriously sexy legs and a great tight ass! Her tits are tiny, but imperfection is beautiful! Priscilla's legs and ass come from her being a dancer. She is one of the most incredible dancers I have ever seen right in front of my face... I could watch her dance for DAYS!

So I get this email out of the blue... from Priscilla. She wanted to pose 4 p-f! She sent all of the pictures that are in set #1 below. I was like... um yeah... I want you to pose 4 p-f too! What is your phone number.

It turns out that Priscilla is from the City of Sin, Las Vegas. She hustles dance jobs at Showgirl nightclubs and stuff like that.

She also does professional belly dancing... AND... she even creates belly dance costumes from scratch. She buys all of the materials and sews it up. You can see one of her costumes that she made in set #3 below.

Priscilla started out topless... and then later on we decided to do a site called Priscilla Sin. At that point we were shooting fully nude. Her website never got off the ground because as we were building a content base for it... she just dissapeared. No contact! That's young girls for you.

More about Priscilla... she is like... one of those people who lives on the extreme edge. She lives hour by hour. Her place was a work garage type unit that her and her boyfriend rented. She had one side of the garage dressed up kind of homey... and the other side was a welding area. Her boyfriend made props for magicians and stage stuff for various shows around Vegas.

I was telling you about how she lives on the edge... well... the night that she flew in with her boyfriend... the night before her actual first shoot... they missed their flight from Atlanta to Illinois. You know why??? LOL They fucked in the bathroom somewhere in the ariport... I imagine they did it in one of those family bathrooms that you can lock the door.

So... they get bumped to the next flight and show up about 3 hours later than I expected. We had dinner... and went to the shoothouse. I was showing them around and stuff. We were talking about the piledriver. Her boyfriend had no idea what the piledriver was... and Priscilla was quite the eager little slut to get on the couch to show him.

I was like... ok... hold up... first you got to take off your jeans to do it correctly :) This gave me time to pull out the handy dandy Canon Digital Elf. I got out to the couch to take some pics of the piledriven slut... and then her boyfriend goes... come on Priscilla... start playing with your pussy!

Immediately... I flip the switch on my camera to video and start recording... hehehe. Then... out of no where... dude comes out of the dining room with one of those fake plastic bananas! Whooooah... ok... that motherfucker dissapeared into her pussy... and I got it on video!

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Priscilla Sin
Priscilla Sin
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Priscilla Sin
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