Princess Blueyez
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TitleAlmost Nude Snow Angel
StatusRemastered - Final Release
Shoot Date2007-01-26
Princess Blueyez

Almost Nude Snow Angel
67 Photos, 1 Video

phil-fucking-flash I dunno how or why, but Cass and I came up with this outfit... porn star hat, furry coat, taped nipples (nice job on the snow flake appearance goes to Creative Cass), denim thong, and furry boots. It's pretty obvious that this one was going to be shot outside. But I don't think our Princess knew that she was going to be doing almost nude snow angels. That part was a p-f addition! Most sets are predetermined and discussed and this one was no different... so the set up... the skit... is probably easily overlooked, but pay attention to it... you should, when watching the video. It's fucking hilarious!

The skit... after shooting lots and lots of sets you can start to run out of ideas. Not really though, because my mind is always racing and thinking or wondering what I can get "her" to do next. Since there was snow on the ground, I thought it would be fun to torture Cass and put some cold snow on that tight teen ass. The funny thing guys, is the acting on the video. When I edited this video (didn't need any editing) I was laughing my ass off. Our conversation to get outside was horrible... "coffee and a couple of donuts". Ha! We could have won an academy for worst acting ever! But, it's classic... and fun... so be sure to watch and listen.

Total Video Runtime: 00:05:31

After a coffee and a couple of donuts, Cass braved the cold and the snow again. We went back out and shot the photo set. I loved keeping her out there in the cold... in the almost nude. The dark part of my mind was stoked the entire time. Don't get me wrong. I was having fun with Cass and all, but that dark side lingers. It was fun to get her to press her tits down to the snow during the face down ass up pose. She sat on her ass and did the legs spread wide pose too! This is a great set. The video, the photos... I hope you enjoy it.

Sometimes, when doing my kind of work, your brain can go numb. Like after culling a photo set, you have to make hundreds of decisions. Keep, trash, outtake, stash, etc. When I am in this state, I usually do some "dumb work". Awhile back I had to reinstall my operating system on my laptop, and I forgot to re add a Photoshop plugin called "Portraiture". So I reinstalled it and picked a couple of pics from this set to mess with. Now this set is really not a glamourous set... so the glamour filter may seem a bit odd. But I did get a few pics to look rather lovely... so for those of you that actually read my descriptions, here is hidden a glamourous gift for you.

See that precise second when Cass lies down and her back touches the snow! It's Priceless!

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