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TitleDo You Feel Lucky
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Do You Feel Lucky
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Color, color, color! Sometimes it is fun to just do a set that doesnt make any sense. Dont get me wrong, for the most part I love matching and wearing sexy little lingerie all the time, but sometimes a girl just needs to have some fun. And fun is exactly what this set was.

I think I was laughing in most of these pics, haha. Somehow though, I still felt sexy in this outfit. I think youll like it too... even if it is a little crazy ;)

The Blueyed Princess... Cass

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As Cass said above, this set was fun. It had been three months since we last shot, and this set was the "ice breaker".

The best thing about this set in my opinion, is seeing Cass almost nude, but not nude. Does that make any sense?

Her t-shirt was "cut off" by yours truly... huh huh huh! So, no bra and a micro cut off t-shirt, sheer white panties, knee socks and platfrom stripper heels. This outfit should be standard for all 18 to 25 year old girls that go to the stores and malls.

Because of this "micro cut off t-shirt" my friends, I was able to capture more of Cassandra's elusive areola than ever before captured in her modeling history. So pat creepy uncle phil on the back!

There is a part in the video where Cass just hits the floor... it looked like her legs just gave out and hit the floor like a falling brick, that was my first impression of the event anyway. Watch the video above, and see why she did this.

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Sexy Cass
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Animated GIF Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are striclty for fun and fantasy.

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