Nerdy Nora
Nerdy Nora
DOBApril 30
Height5' 9"
Shoe Size8

Nerdy Nora
40 Updates, 2,128 Photos

phil-flash's Avatar Nora is 23 years old. Like all girls... she is not perfect... but there are a few things that I find really hot about her. Her legs are long, and slender... her ass is a nice little ass, and she is definitely an attractive girl with pretty facial features. I dunno... I just find myself looking at her pictures, taking double looks at certain ones and just appreciating her hot features and SLUTTINESS :)

Just so you know... I did not shoot sets #1 through #40. I bought these sets for two reasons.

Firstly... I have shot a few sets of Nora myself when I was out west one year. When I come acrossed that content I will release it and you will see it in the latest updates column.

The second reason why I bought these sets is that I think that some of you will Njoy and or appreciate the extra content.

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