Megan Summers
Model Data Megan Summers
Stash Shots3
DOBMay, 3
Height5' 4"
Shoe Size7
Megan getting ass smacked with yard stick

Is That All You Got?
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phil-flash's Avatar Megan was ready to shoot. The phil-flash Staff was ready and waiting, but where was phil? He was outside having a coffee and a smoke. In the meantime, pete-flair picked up a video camera and started to shoot her just sitting there on the couch. He was going for that "awkward silence" moment, which he did get from her several times... lol. When you watch the members video, listen to their conversation closely, you can pick up on the subtle contempt in which my suboordinates had for me... the big boss man. Ha! (Good riddence!) So, even though I wasn't there, she was at least getting awkward video taken of her.

Now it's time for some kind of creative sexy action. Within seconds of my arrival, Megan's amazing all natural titties were exposed and she was taking wacks from my plastic billy club. Then she makes a mistake, and says...

"Megan Summers's AvatarIs that all you got?"

Spank Slut... Megan Summers

Now it's time to get the yardstick out, and put some stingers onto that bubbly white girl booty of hers. You can probably imagine what happens from here on out, more creative sexy spank action!

Side Note: after going through this set and remastering it, I can see things that I did not see before. And basically, I had a house full of well paid Staff members that would sit around and do the bare minimum. I arrive, and Megan's tits are out, she is trying to lick her nipples, and the next thing you know, she is getting spanked. I guess it would just be nice if others could have been a little creative and got some shit started some of the time. These guys are lucky that I even let them come to the shoot house and shoot with me, I could have made them stay at the office all of the time and edit content. pfffffffffffffffft!

Before finishing the set, I wanted to get some pictures of Megan's ass at the precise moment of the billy club and yardstick impact. So we set it up and I took lots and lots of shots. Well the result was amazing, you can see what happens to all of that ass meat when it gets wacked. It looks a little strange maybe, but in context... it's interestingly hot!

See Megan getting her ass spanked right now, it's only $19.95 for 30 days access!
Is That All You Got?
Set Data
TitleIs That All You Got?
StatusRemastered - Final Release
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