Megan Summers
Megan Summers
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Megan Summers
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phil-flash's Avatar Megan Summers started shooting for me as an exclusive girl around 2004 or 2005. she was just 19 years old! We shot once or twice and I decided to offer her a website. We decided to name it after her real name... Megan

To this day... I cannot believe how much I did not appreciate titties... I mean I knew that she had nice tits... but I was still in love with legs and ass when we started shooting. Looking back though... wow! I seriously appreciate those perfect tits of Megan's.

Megan and I shot for several years... all the way up and to 2008. That's when Obama and the economy fucked everything up... not to mention I was wrapping up my divorce (10 year marriage). My point is... that I wanted Megan to continue to have her site... she was one of the better models. She always did her camshows, allways showed up for shoots, etc.

But like I was saying... 2008... one of the ugliest financial years of my life... fucked everything up. I was forced to close my office, let 9 employees go, and let all of the models go. Most of them were on their way out anyway...

Megan's work ethic... I really liked though... so I brought her into my office (before I closed it) and tought her how to edit pictures and video. I gave her the software to be able to do it as well. I think I even gave her a laptop! lol

So this lasted for maybe 6 months to a year before she either just quit updating the site and or thought I was not paying her any attention any longer. Well actually her last update that she did was in May of 2009. I dunno what happened to her... she JUST DISAPEARED!

Regardless of the what happened... her content is classic! The stuff her and I shot is and will always be special to me. (Not in some weird way... I just love my work and the people I work with... usually)

I am sure you aware of her website... if not go log into the members area of it and check out all of her content. Megan's Site. I plan on remastering, re editing, and re publishing all of her content here in my new members area... but THAT will take time. Lots of time... so don't expect it all this year :(

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