Kristi Kitty
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TitleAmateur Teen In Animal Print
StatusOriginal & Final Release
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Kristi Kitty

Amateur Teen In Animal Print
78 Photos

This set contains a rare nip slip. Midway into the photo set, Kristi starts to undo that sexy animal print lingerie. She pushes the non nude envelope and teases the camera with hand bras and strategic body part hiding. Towards the end though... she fucked up! The slip is not an obvious one either. I only noticed it because I was scanning the pics for "camera burnt pixels" in Photoshop ... and I was like... whoooaaaaaah! Wait! What! Holy Shit! Jackpot... a naked nipple! So let's all be thankful that the amateur teen model is not a professional and gave us this rare gift.

This set is one of those that she sold to me as I mentioned on her portfolio page. There is another slip that showed a lot of her crotch, but she blurred it out before she sent me the content. I am telling you because I want you to know that I was not the one that blurred it. What you see in the set is what I got to see too. Kristi got us on that one. Either way... the set is a beautiful collection of pictures. And after going through them and editing them this past week, I am in love with Kristi... AGAIN! Ha!

Collect this set today, it's only $24.95 for 30 days access!

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Kristi Kitty
Kristi Kitty
Kristi Kitty
Kristi Kitty
Kristi Kitty
Kristi Kitty
Kristi Kitty
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