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TitleTopless Teen in Baby Oil
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Emma Mason

Topless Teen in Baby Oil
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I was excited to get Emma into the blow up pool in an almost nude state for this baby oil set. We shot this one last because the baby oil always messes up the girls' hair and it takes several showers to get it off of the skin as well as out of all of the "cracks and crevices". → I remember MeganQt telling me about a drive home she had after one of our baby oil shoots. She told me that the baby oil was coming out of her ass for the whole 45 minute drive home... bahaha! She said "phil! Seriously, it was the worst drive home ever!" That's some funny shit and hot as hell at the same time.

Drama Warning!

Get you a snack and sit the fuck back, because this story might be a long one. During the editing process for this set, as I went through the photos and video footage, I started to recall a lot of strange, interesting, and irritating things. First off, Emma had a friend named Isabella who wanted to shoot with her. This girl showed up 3 hours late, apparently she could not get a ride to make $500 for a few hours of shooting. Now here is where the fun starts, not only did she show up late, but she showed up looking like a freaking lobster. She had went to the beach all day long and was sunburnt bigly big league! Even so... she was still a new girl and her face is pretty cute, so I wanted to move forward and at least get some topless shots of her.

So we are ready to start Emma's baby oil set, and Isabella is going to be helping me by squirting the baby oil onto Emma throughout the video. Then all of a sudden, she tells me she needs to use the bathroom. So I show her the way and Emma and I wait. We wait, we wait, and we wait. I walked past the bathroom to get more baby oil bottles and I hear shhhhhhhhhhr... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhr.. shhhr... shhhhr... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhr... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhr! I go to Emma, dude... what is she doing in there? Is she spray tanning? And Emma confirms my suspicions with a nod. OMG... I hate spray tans and Isabella was told not to spray tan when the shoot was set up. It makes nuckles and knees look orange and all kinds of weird shit. Finally, twenty minutes later, the newly bronzed queen Isabella reappears.

On a hunch, I wanted to see what the fuck happened to my bathroom, so I went to take a piss. OMG you guys...

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