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Dream of Dani

Dream of Dani
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Hi Welcome To My Site! This is the brand spankin' new Dream Of Dani site and your own personal dream world. I am glad you decided to join!

Go ahead and take a look around and enjoy your stay here. I want to be your number one girl and the girl of your wildest dreams come true.

Thank you! <3 Dani

phil-fucking-flash NNBoards username: Danielle, that's how we all got to meet Dani when she first came online at the age of 19. I remember how much of a scramble it was to sink the hook and scoop her up as a new amateur teen model, because according to Dani, every competing webmaster known to mankind was sending her private messages with their pitch. Apparently, my hook had the best bait... because she took a bite and ended up as yet, another big booty phil-flash girl. Still at age 19 and four shoots later, she jumped back into the sea and swam off, I don't even remember getting a chance to say goodbye.

Here is my surmise of Dani's sudden and early retirement from modeling. During our shoots, she talked about her mom a lot. As I continued to push her inner deviant from within, the more and more it would surface in her shoots and cam shows, and I think that her mom started to give her hell, maybe even possibly yell. She was no longer a proud mother, her beautiful daughter had been transformed from an innocent non nude model to an almost nude teen that spreads her legs wide open while wearing a tiny thong for the entire World Wide Web to see. That's my best guess anyway.

Now let's objectify Danielle a bit more and talk about her beauty as well as her lovely ASSet(s). She has the face of an innocent nineteen year old girl. Her body is tall and skinny, and comes with little A-Cup boobs, which I find very attractive, maybe you do too. And obviously, she has that big booty... which is crazy because she's a skinny white girl. I wonder if she has ever thanked her Mom for that asset?

Just one more comment abbout ass, booty, butt, etc. Danielle came up with the name... Dream of Dani all by herself. When she told me, I thought it had a nice ring and I agreed to use it, butt all I could think of when I watched her sexy lips say those three words was... I dream of Dani's ass. Ha!

Stop dreaming of Dani and start collecting her pictures and videos, your hard drive has enough space and it will only cost you $24.95 for a membership.

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Dream of Dani
Dream of Dani
Dream of Dani
Dream of Dani
Dream of Dani
Dream of Dani
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