Open Toe Heels
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DawnAvril FaceI love these shoes! They make me feel so sexy.

You all know I like to tease right? Well when I wear these, I know that p-f is going to have a brain explosion. LOL

I put them on in our carpeted bedroom, all the while knowing that when I walk out and into the hallway, he is going to hear my heels. I make sure I walk with a sexy stride so the rhythm of the heels hitting the floor make his ears perk up. I'm in his head now.. tehee!

Am I in your head?

BTW.. if you must know, my panties are soaking wet right now from writing this :)

Oops... I almost forgot to describe this set.

I like these pictures! I think they are sexy. I hope that you like them... and if you are a shoe/foot guy, then I hope that your eyes are pleased :)

We were running out of video ideas because we had already shot a bunch this day, so phil just put the camera on a little tripod and recorded my feet while we shot. I hope that you are not bored with it.