This sexy set of DawnAvril, Janessa Brazila, & Mia Heart includes 105 photos, 17 outtakes, and 3 videos available to view online or download.

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Janessa Brazil and DawnAvril were two schoolgirls on the verge of failing basic math class. They had scheduled a counseling session with me to discuss extra credit opportunities. When they showed up, I instantly blew a load in my pants. Dawn walked in, then this petite little freckle-faced teen tramp with pigtails, and behind her was Janessa, and all three of them were in rocker chick schoolgirl uniforms... FUCK! I barely heard them say, "we brought you a gift", because my mind was thinking about what I could do to this little fucker in the middle. It's safe to say that Janessa and Dawn both achieved an A plus for their math grades.

As the Dean of Face Down Ass Up University, I have seen about a katrillion hot schoolgirl uniforms. Still, these rocker chick-influenced pseudo schoolgirl uniforms were over the top. When the girls walked into our little shoot skit wearing those outfits... I was like... goddam... it was so difficult to stay focused and keep my inner demons at bay. A million different fantasies slammed through my brain's processor in a single nanosecond. The pantyhose, the pigtails, the thigh-high stockings, the ruffled ankle socks, the micro mini skirts, and the sexy shoes... OMG!!! Does that send you over the top?

Mia wanted to enroll as a Freshman. This meant that she would pose for yearbook content without taking her clothes off... pfffffffffffffffft! With the help of upperclassmen Dawn and Janessa, as well as an extra $400... convince her to go topless... we did. It's a lovely site to see those big "just had a kid" tits, especially on that little body of hers. Sorry Mia, but you are a Sophomore and not a Freshman... congratulations!

This set has three videos. In the first video, you see Dawn and Mia licking and sucking on Janessa's nipples. Do not miss this part because Dawn looks over at Mia in a super slutty and sexy way, which is friggin incredible and unforgettable! This first video also has a runtime of 20 minutes and contains shitloads of sexy footage, including lots of spanking or maybe better described as lots of WHACKS! The second video is a collection of clips that were shot before the set and includes dancing girls, dancing p-f, Dawn playing with Janessa's ass, and best of all... Dawn and Janessa mimic men and how we perform sexual acts. And finally, the third and last video is a 3-minute collage of a few bloopers. Funny stuff for sure; the best part is when the girls burst out in laughter!

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