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Doggie Style Lovin's
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phil-flash's Avatar This set was intended for, however, during the editing process I realized how intimate and personal some moments were. So the decision was made to bring it over here and expose those moments. This is all about exposing Dawn right? :)

A little about the video... I know that this set is not the amateurish content that we shoot all of the time day in and day out and usually post here within the Exposed site... BUTT... this stuff is real. When we shot the video... sure a tiny bit of it was skitted up... but for the most part... we were doing what we do. Loving each other.

If you scan through the video... you may miss some really hot and intimate moments! For example...I get really turned on looking at Dawn in sexual positions and stuff... but when I see her entire thigh goose bumped the fuck up... I loose my mind. So watch the video thouroughly if you are interested in seeing some intimate moments of Dawn :)

During the preperation for this set I was trying to figure out how to expose Dawn even more than usual. Even if she would not want me to release it... I wanted it for myself :)

So I made sure that there were several cameras set up all over the place, 5 cameras in fact.

Dawn is no dumby guys, she knows the location and angle of the cameras, and if she is feeling a bit vulnerable... she will adjust. She will keep her legs closed, crossed, or turn herself out of the camera's view.

Knowing this... I had to figure a way to outsmart her :) Or at least get the content that I wanted for myself if she was not feeling like giving it up for you guys.

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