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TitleSelf Ass Fucking
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Chrissy Pee

Self Ass Fucking
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Chrissy Pee's first yearbook video and picture set, in which she fucks herself up the ass, resulted in just a routine walk-through of the Face Down Ass Up University dormitory. Some really loud and annoying rap crap music lead me to Chrissy's room.

When I entered the dorm room, Chrissy was sitting on an ottoman with her face down in a book and studying. She looked so sexy in her Face Down Ass Up University schoolgirl uniform... with her legs crossed, white knee high socks, and an absolutely stunning pair of red platform stripper heels!

I got her to turn down her music and not long after that, I had her displaying her ass shaking and booty popping skill set to my video camera. Once the booty dancing was over with, the following conversation took place...

Q: What's one of the nastiest sexual fantasies you have ever had?
A: Anal sex!

Q: Butt sex?
A: Yesss... butt sex!

Q: Really! You like it?
A: Ah huh!

Fuck me! the enthusiasm with which she answered, her cute voice, and her words... so hot! And from there, the student turned into a naughty schoolgirl, and fucked her self up the ass!

Watch or download the 12 minute Self Ass Fucking video and the zipped and ready to rip photo set of 48 up close and personal pictures today!

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Chrissy Pee
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