Brooke & Megan
Brooke & Megan
DOB03/30 | 08/12
Height5'7" | 5'10"
Weight118 | 110
BustA | B
Shoe Size7 | 7.5
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Brooke & Megan
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phil-flash's AvatarBrooke (the brunette) is waaaaaay dominant over her sister Megan... and Megan is waaaaaaay such a submissive little fuck. I used this observation to my advantage BIGTIME! I started to realize that this shit was turning Brooke on. She has some kind of twisted sister love thing going on... she totally wanted to turn out her sister :)

Brooke & Megan are 100% real sisters! I know some of you won't believe it... but it is true :) They are two twisted little stripper sisters from out west.

So I get an email with some pics attached and it is from one of my old webmaster buddies. He told me they are sisters and that he had shot them at a photographer workshop. (That's where a bunch of photographers get together and shoot the hell out of usually amateur models for practice.)

He also said that they were interested in doing a site and he wanted to get my take on that... so I replied and was like... UM... fucking yeah! Get me in touch with them!

It was getting really close to Christmas... and my communications with the sisters were kind of dwindeling... but my Dad always told me that persistancy pays off... so I sent off another email to them.

This time... I finally sunk the Hook In Mouth(s)... (Megadeth song reference there... huh huh) I knew it was close to Christmas and that girls ALWAYS need and want extra Christmas money :) So I offered them $10k... $5k each. I felt the bite... and the hooks were sunk!

So now we are having a few phone conversations and Brooke (brunette) was insisting that we shoot before Christmas... they really needed the money. So of course... if that is what it takes to get their fine asses down to shoot... then that's what p-f does :)

The funny thing is that they did not tell me...

Join to see the amazing things I got these sisters to do!
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