Bratty Brittany & Kendall Blaze
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TitleBlack and White Lingerie Teens
StatusRemastered - Final Release
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Bratty Brittany & Kendall Blaze

Black and White Lingerie Teens
96 Photos

lookie lookie who ate my cookie! Bratty brittany did! mmm If anyone can turn me on its that hot little chick with that round ass! she was totally hot in that leather outfit! I loved mine too it got me very turned on! And her tongue peircing made for a nice feeling when she licked my big ole ass! hmmm Where did my face go that day?????? or my tongue? Don't you want to know what we did off camera...a lady never tells! Use your imagination. I am not shy thats for sure and neither is she!
Kenndall Blaze

Black and White photos of Kendall from and I. These turned out so much better then I thought they would. Good Work PF!!!
Your favorite brat... Bratty Brittany

This set took a few turns but turned out awesome! Brittany and Kendall looked and shot together wonderfully. I got a lot of really sexy pictures, a few absolutely stunning shots, and some fun and funny outtakes. We started shooting by the patio of the shoot house, but then I realized that I must get shots of those tight teen legs and asses in full body mode. So I got the girls over onto the pool deck and took some sweet shots. After a good amount of shots there, I realized that the sun was killing the girls and making them squint too much, so I had them come back to the patio area.

When I had the girls go over to the pool deck, the brat was having trouble walking over there. She was wearing a pair of fetish high heels that are basically straight up. So she kept the heels buckled around her ankle and just took her foot out of the shoes. She walked bent over holding the shoes with her hands and the entire thing was just fucking funny. I even got flipped off in one of the shots. Ha ha! The Brat was having problems staying in those shoes later on too... even more outtakes of that. Bah Hahahahah!

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Bratty Brittany & Kendall Blaze
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