The Triple Shoot
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TitleFirst Shoot - Pick A Color
StatusOriginal & Final Release
Animated Fun66
Shoot Date2003-10-13
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First Shoot - Pick A Color
100 Photos, 2 Videos

phil-fucking-flash This set's story starts when it was time to pick out the outfits. There was not much to choose from, I had three colors of the exact same matching bra and boy short panty sets. I was going to have MeganQt in pink (her site colors were pink), Princess Blueyez in blue (duh), and Tiffany in yellow (golden platinum blonde). I thought this would be perfect. But you know, plan A usually gets smoked and you have to go with the flow. When you put three 18 year old girls together, strange things can happen. They kind of silently made thier own hierarchy. Megan was my first model so she was #1, Tiffany was the second model so she was #2, and since this was Cass's first time shooting... she was the "other girl"... lol. So Megan picked pink, Tiffany picked blue, and Cass was stuck with yellow which in my opinion really highlighted her skin color. I guess you could say that it all worked out in the outfit department.

Behind the Scenes Video
42 Beautiful Minutes

I shot this content 16 years ago, so going through it, editing, and processing it has been a blast. There are some things that I had no idea about or had simply forgotten. When watching the video back, it was highly apparent that if you gave Tiffany and MeganQt a bottle of wine and a locked door... that they would be eating eachothers ass with intent. I also realized that Tiffany is a pervert... so when you watch the video, notice how Tiffany slips her finger up under Megan's underwear (00:04:07). Another part, Megan was straddling both Tiffany and Cass's legs, and Tiff with aggressive intent touches Megan's crotch with her platform heel (00:11:56) and shortly after made sure that her heel gave a little inner thigh touch as well (00:12:55). There are several more little moments that you more than likely would not have noticed, unless you already had this knowledge of the Megan/Tiff crush. Happy moment hunting!

Animated Fun Showcase
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There are so many highlights to highlight, here are just a few. You will get to see a little MeganQt ass jiggling. Lots of candid moments of the girls talking and being themselves. There is an amazing/awkward moment where Cass's photographer was trying to get her to stick out her tongue (00:03:42 - 00:03:55). Look into Cass's eyes after she does the requested pose... it would be interesting to know what she was thinking for sure. Then there are Cass's shockingly sexy legs. In those white platform stripper heels her thighs and calves are just incredible!!! It may be time to release the Kraken and get to smackin'.

This set is worth the price of admission alone. You get 100 photos, 33 outtakes, 2 videos, and 66 handmade animated GIF's. See you in the members area...

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Animated Fun Showcase First Shoot - Pick A Color

Animated GIF Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are striclty for fun and fantasy.

Portfolio Showcase The Triple Shoot

The Triple Shoot
The Triple Shoot
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