Stunning Studded Pockets
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Stunning Studded Pockets
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phil-flash's Avatar So that preview thumbnail got you huh? Did you say something like whooah, wow, holy shit, or maybe even holy fucking shit to yourself or even outloud? Well, if you did... that makes two of us or probably many of us. When I saw her brisk and sexy as hell walk I muttered outloud... "whooahwowFFFFhuFuuhFuhholyFUCKINGshit!" Fellas... we have just seen a unicorn. A unicorn wearing tight jeans with studded pockets and some sexy little high heels! Friggin stunning! She even stole my breathe from me... it's probably in that shopping bag.

I was in Hungary shooting candids on this day... so had my camera on me with the 200mm lens already attatched. I steadied myself and fired off a series of full body shots to capture her wonderful body and walk. Then I made my way back towards her to get some zoomed in shots of that tight little denim ass. After getting some good up close and personal shots of her bottom, I shot one more series of full body shots until she went around the corner.

You know... these Hungarian girls are amazing. She was walking at a good pace, on pavers, with what looks to be at least 5 inch heels on. When is the last time you saw something like that here in lazy ass America. Girls need to step it up over here and stop looking like slobs. Anyway... I hope you like this set of candid pictures!

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Stunning Studded Pockets
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TitleStunning Studded Pockets
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