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Airport Pick Up
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phil-flash's Avatar Europe has one up on America and the rest of the West when it comes to how the girls dress. The girls over there dress up and look hot almost everywhere they go, especially at the airport. If you spot a hot girl at an American airport, you had to look past her straggly pony tail, no make up, floppy t-shirt, baggy sweatpants, and flip flops. Seriously, WTF! Western airports are confusing, sometimes I think I am at Walmart. Our Western culture is terrible when it comes to dress... European girls always impress.

So I am at the Budapest airport waiting for my ride. I spotted these fantastic legs across the way. I was like... oh shit, capture this... I must! I positioned myself, got the no fear candid adreneline rush going, and started firing away. I got as many shots as I could until her ride showed up. Oh My... now that I think of it, douche bag came up behind me. I wonder if he saw me ripping shots of his girl? LOL!

As much as I hate the phone face syndrome that aflicts 99% of all women... I guess it comes in handy for some candid eyecandy! So... I am pretty sure that "Leggy Phone Face" knew I was taking pics of her. If you look at the second shot in the member set... she is looking up. She had to see a 200mm lens pointing right at her. If she didn't, then she is olivious to EVERYTHING. Either way... it's kind of fun to keep shooting, even after getting busted.

Leggy Phone Face was an exciting specimen. Leaning on that cool concrete pole... it had to spread her ass and make way for the butthole... to make contact. Something about that tidbit is hot! Then, there is that been sitting for awhile crinkle effect of her short shorts. IT's ALL UP IN THERE! Friggin' hot again! Finally, her super sexy legs were on full display. All tightened up by those somewhat worn wedge platform heels. (that's hot... she wears them more than once a year... unlike here!)

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Airport Pick Up
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TitleAirport Pick Up
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