Nikki washing her car

Car Wash Flash
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Nextdoor nikki FaceOh my god this set was sooooo funny! A $2.00 car wash turned into like $15.00, these people from the next building came by to see why we were taking so long and then we had to run across the street to the gas station for more change because no one seemed to have change for a $10.

2 hours later though, my car was nice and clean and even spot free...but I think I ended up more soaked than the car.

There is also some more of phils "creative" butt shots. Grrrr

3 Candid Topless Shots!

phil-flash's Avatar I have to tell you about the video for this set. It was taken on a Canon Powershot S4. The resolution was 320x240. When editing in Final Cut Pro, the default is 640x480. I decided to go with Final Cut Pro's suggestion and upscale the video to this 640x480. It really doesn't matter that much. Almost everyone blows videos up to full screen anyway.

Here is the major point... in this case, the video resolution is the least important. What is most important, is to watch the candid interaction between Nikki and myself. You can get a really good taste for her youthful "girls just want to giggle and have fun" self.

So if you are going to complain to me about this particular videos resolution... think twice... I might reply with a Blow It Up Your Ass email. :)

This is a really nice set in my opinion. If you recall my statement on the about section of the main page of the tour... I say "a meaningful collection is built with hard work and experiences".

Well, shooting this set was not hard work at all, but it certainly was an awesome experience. Nikki and I went through the mall and shopped it up, I took pervy video of her walking through the mall, we hung out at the car wash forever and took pics and video and just had a fun time.

There are 81 pics released this time around and the video is over 11 minutes in duration. The original release had 71 pics. So you get a net gain of 10 pics... three of which are TOPLESS!

Next Door Nikki
Set Data
TitleCar Wash Flash
StatusOriginal Release
Stash Shots3

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mesh covered boobs
Sprayed by water hose
Nikki First Topless Set
big boob snap

Next Door Nikki
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