MeganQt's legendary sexy legs

Legs Wide Open
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phil-flash's Avatar Megan will seduce you with her beautiful brown eyes and the sexy looks that she gave to my camera during this photo shoot! Especially now, that you will be able to see more detail in this full resolution, remastered, and redeveloped photo set.

Beware, if you can get your eyes past Megan’s stunning eyes and look down to those legs that just don’t quit, you will notice your mouth beginning to water. She really teases the holy heck out of us with those sexy athletic legs of hers. Then, add on those tie up high heels and the jean mini skirt that she is wearing… wow!

Here is a leg joke for you. For fun, use it on your wife or girlfriend…
Dang girl, those are some sexy legs! What time do they open?

Speaking of legs opening up… Have no fear. Megan’s legs open up towards the end of the set. She does quite a few butt shots on her belly with LEGS WIDE OPEN! To look down at a girl like that, especially Megan... has to be one of the best views ever!

Megan ends the set in an unladylike way, she sits on the coffee table with her legs open and jedi mind-fucks us through the camera lens! With her legs open though, you can look right between her legs and directly at her crotch with an up close and personal point of view. It’s really quite a delight! You can see the little freckle that she has down there too!

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Set Data
TitleLegs Wide Open
StatusRemastered - Final Release

Trailer Videos

MeganQt jiggles big booty
Sexy Eyes
Legs Spread
Legs and Ass
Close Up Crotch

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