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First Time Nude
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phil-flash avatarThis set is kind of an extension of Haley's first set... Ugg Boots. She is still wearing the bra that she came with, the black tank top, and most importantly, the same aqua green panties :)

New, would be a pair of her skinny jeans and trying on a few pairs of high heels from my model wardrobe.

During the video editing process, I found it interesting to watch Haley look at herself in the mirrow while wearing heels. She says that she doesn't and won't wear high heels... so a real treat for us... is to see her wearing them.

The most interesting part of this set was that she took off the top... and... the bottoms! For being a new mom, she still has a phenominal body if you ask me. She does have some stretch marks, and she is not perfect... but for 18 years old and just having a kid recently... to me... a MILF she is.

I hope you njoy Haley's first time naked on the Internet!

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