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Dawn Does Baby Oil
144 Images | 4 Videos

phil-flash's Avatar Dawn Avril goes full nude in this sexy, shiny, & super slippery set! You have to see her doing gator rolls... watching her shiny body roll as she giggles is quite amusing... and erotic at the same time.

  • Video #1: Pool Play | 00:12:48

    This video includes some face first slip and slide action, gator rolls, boob jiggling, and butthole target practice.

    This is going to be like a face bash!

    In regards to face first slip & sliding... Dawn Avril
  • Video #2: Masturbation Marathon | 00:46:29

    This video includes Dawn's way hot shiny body with her legs spread wide open as she masturbates (pussy close ups even!), Hitatchi Vibrator, heel fucking, more Hitatchi, big purple dildo riding, bouncing, and self fucking to orgasm.

  • Video #3: Behind the Scenes | 00:34:36

    This video is a fly on the wall's view of how a photo shoot goes. Believe it or not... it's a lot of fun to watch everything that goes on, especially when I jiggle her butt.

  • Phot Set | 144 Images | 3000 x 2000 Resolution