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DawnAvril Face THIS is the why I married p-f.. We make magic together <3 There are other reasons too, lol. Every so often we shoot a set of pictures that becomes my new favorite. I think this one is it. I had a lot of fun in the backyard with Phil, just playing with the camera and getting some amazing shots. I hope you like this one as much as I do. <3

XOXO DawnAvril

phil-flash's Avatar Dawn posed amazingly in this set. She gave some great faces, and my camera and lense did the rest. I couldn't wait for this set to be over... so I could put the pics onto my laptop and take a look.

I was really pleased with these shots. I hope you like them. I know that they are not the typical amateur thing that you are used to me doing, but sometimes I like to try and look like I know what I am doing :)

Fan of ripped thigh high stockings??? If you weren't, you may be now! My friggin goodness... she is so hot in them.

Dawn picked out 17 of her favorite photos from this set, and we ran them through a glamour process. They are extra pics, for those that might like the super smoothed out and toned "pro looking pics".

This set includes 70 full resolution (4016 x 6016) pictures. In addition to that, you get 17 of Dawn's Glamour Picks in a zip file called... Extras.

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Pretty Smile
Ripped Thigh High Stockings
Dark Eyes
Juicy Booty

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