Hot Socks & Boot Heels

Dressed to Shop???
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phil-flash avatar Listen to this crock of shit! I was taking my mid-morning work break... sitting on my back deck having a cup of joe and some smokes.

I don't want to read your babble phil! Let me see more samples from this set...

Here comes Dawn looking hot as f*ck, wearing a busty red plaid shirt tied in front, her sexy high waisted skinny jeans, and in one hand is a pair of what appeared to be little white lace socks... and in her other hand she is holding a pair of f*ck me right now boot heels.

Obviously, I closed my laptop and turned towards her. I said, "And what is the occasion that requires this outfit?". She says...

I need you to transfer some money to the joint account, I am going grocery shopping.

My lying wife... DawnAvril
DawnAvril Glam Zip File
Glamour Zip: Members also get another zip file download. This zip contains six "5 Star" pics from the set, that I gave a glamour makeover. Don't worry, you get these same pics without the glmaour edits as well.

And then! She starts to put her socks on, she didn't even answer me! She's sitting there putting her socks on and acting like I didn't notice how friggin dressed up she was, just to go shopping.

I'm not jealous... so I didn't make a big stink about it. She probably just wanted to "feel good" today... so the wise man in me said no more.

I did say... You look smoking hot babe, let me get my camera real quick. She pfffffffffffffffft's me and waits, because it is a good girl and it does what it's told. And... because she wanted the money... LOL!

After taking a boatload of pics and making Dawn show me those big perky tits... she does what all girls do. "Let me see the pics", she says.

While Dawn sits there and goes through the pics on my Nikon DSLR... I decided to grab my iPhone and take some video of her super sexy sock/heels combo she came up with to go shopping in... LOL! Man that looked so hot... especially when she rocked her foot back and forth!

Chicken Choke Count: 6 times already... those socks and heels still have me mind-fucked!

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