Dawn Avril finger fucking herself

Hallway Masturbation
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phil-flash's Avatar While staying at our apartment in Hungary, Dawn and I did lots and lots of shooting. This set here... was shot after we had a good bit to drink. If you can't tell... take a closer look at Dawn's face. When she drinks she gets this really hot and slutty look that blows my mind.

Anyway... the pics came out great! The video looks good... but the audio was messed up. My hand was covering the mic on the video camera and it just sounded like complete crap. I almost scrapped the entire video because of this.

But I cannot do that! It must be seen! So what I did was add background audio of people at a party talking.

Now we are onto something... while editing and watching back... I started to get excited! Thinking of Dawn just spreading her legs up at the end of a hallway and finger fucking herself underneath her panties, all the while a party is going on started to make the "blood flow"... if you know what I mean :)

You just got to go there in your mind... trust me... I smoked the bologny pony a couple of times to this one!