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Tails, Socks, & Heels
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DawnAvril FaceI really like this set. I spent a lot of time perfecting those up top piggy tails! I hope you like them.. Daddy!

And I LOVE the hot socks and stripper heels look! I used to do that all the time when I was a dancer.

That reminds me of a fun fantasy I have. I want to go up to random people with a cute outfit on and pig tails and say, "Can I call you Daddy?" I want these guys to go home and think of me while they fuck their wive's or girlfriends. Sorry.. I have problems, I know :)

So, anyway.. it was fun and sexy to take these pictures. It was a little scary up there on that dresser, but it was exciting too.

I got mad when p-f started to tip toe torture me on the video. A little bit was ok, but then it started to hurt. I could feel my muscles shaking and he keeps telling me.. "get em up". ERRRRR!

But I know, it's his thing. "Your pain is my gain", he says. I know he does this, so maybe you will too.. but when you are jerking off to me standing there on my tippy tip toes, think about how uncomfortable I am. It does what it's told to do :)

You like obedient girls, don't you?