Naughty Alt Girl Poses with Her Legs Open

Alt Girl Art
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DawnAvril Face I love black and white pictures! I used to take like.. every picture that I really liked, throw it into photoshop, turn it black and white, and bump the contrast up ALL the way! So when phil told me about this setting on his camera that took pictures like that... without all the editing... I was SUPER excited!

To me, you see a colored photo, and you're like "it's nice.. cute.. whatever"... But when I see a black and white photograph.. it draws me in.. Maybe because I'm fucking weird and evil.. whatev...

I hope you love me in black and white as much as I do!

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phil-flash's Avatar In this unforgettable set, I captured some extremely rare and beautiful images of the internet's hottest alt girl. Dying to go through the 95 full resolution premium images... you should be! I can promise you this, Dawn's beauty will jump out of your screen and burn itself into your memory and soul for eternity.

The video... I had noticed a very sexy site before we shot the set. Dawn was walking up the staircase and I was following behind... and yes, I was LOOKING at that behind! What I saw were those gorgeous legs of hers, her tight ass, and that long black hair swaying down her back. For fear of loosing this sexy memory into the abyss of sexy memories that I already have, I decided to capture this beautiful motion on video. This way the set has a video, and all of us can enjoy these moments at any time, without worry of memory loss.

I hope that you enjoy the remastered and final release of this set.

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Set includes 1 video and 95 full resolution (4288 x 2848) Premium photos. In addition to that, you get 15 animated GIF's in a zip file called... Animated Fun, see you must... what phil-flash has done!!!

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Animated GIF Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are striclty for fun and fantasy.