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Amateur Dawn Avril Dancing Video

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2016-05-27 - This content is exclusive to this free blog. No where else... will it be made available. Yes that means that even my Members will be directed to this page if they want to see these videos of my wife... the elusive... Dawn Avril

This free mini set is basicly how the members area is set up... you click to the set... you see a description, the video player, as well as a thumbnail gallery. Below the gallery, there is the Download Center.

You can download all available versions of the particular sets videos, and a zip file with higher resolution if not premium resolution when compared to the actually gallery pictures.

Hopefully, you can tell that I put much thought into the new layout, design, and functionality of my site.

This mini-set was taken after a fabulous "make-fuck" session. That's why Dawn has that hot "sex hair" going on. :)

She must have gotten a good fucking, she was pretty happy and went on dancing around for a few minutes afterwards.

See all of my ex-girlfriend... now wife.

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Download Center Note: The above download center is on every members set page.

Each and every set has an easy target link at the top of the page, which targets you down the page to the set's download center. Do your downloading, back to top, and click next set... and on and on. I set up the members area to collect my content easily!

All you need, is a membership and lots of hard drive space :)