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phil-flash's AvatarJune 10, 2016 - I started porting DawnAvril's member blogs 3 days ago. I thought... this will be fun. I will just copy paste and move this stuff over to the new p-f members area and be done with it.

Yeah right! Three days of copy/pasting, relink video files, image files. Format this, format that. But I am not afraid of work... so I forced myself through it. And now, I can finally say that the Dawn Avril members area is now completely ported over to phil-flash.

Tonight, I will delete the old member site off of my server and that project will finally be finished.

I had some fun going through these blogs. Man Dawn can write some stuff. I must have gotten about 10 or so woodies throughout the process. And this is just from reading what she writes! Here is a sample...

It was so fucking good, that the feeling didn't go away... I kept playing with my pussy, I still felt like being a dirty girl, and the more he dominated me the better it felt. I told him to pull it out and cum on my face... and it was enough to make me cum again knowing how much he loved watching his load blast me in my face...

Dawn Avril

Whoooaaaaah! I found one more while looking for that last one... here it is.

I could have fucked 10 times that night... and my pussy is so wet right now that you could just walk up, pull my panties down (which is all I'm wearing right now), bend me over, and fucking rail my little body into this table.

Dawn Avril

Here are 3 pic samples out of the hundreds that she has posted...

Road Tripping
Loco-Fest Rock Concert
Dawn getting ripped before her Dawn Does Dildos webcam show.
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This is the complete member video posted to her blog called "D.A. Pole Excercise". A freebie from phil :)

Members... login and go check it out! I even zipped up all of the images for easy downloading :).

Non members... get your password and dig through this treasure trove of Dawn being Dawn!


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