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2016-05-27 - I have been working my tail off as of late. There are a few things coming up for you all... and some tentative announcements to make. If you are interested... read on. If not... then click here and watch a free video... it's on me :)

Dawn Avril Announcement | Kristi Content | Next... Nextdoor Nikki

Dawn Avril Announcement

Dawn has recently started to wean our son from the breasts... as a result... her "whore-moans" are starting to come back! Dominos Ominous!

We have been talking about shooting up some new stuff and relaunching a Version 3 (All Device Ready) of her site soon.

We do not have a timeline... but I would say anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get this much work done.

I am still updating her members area... so don't be worried. As a matter of fact... I am releasing a set of her tonight after I write this blog post.

We shot a set for this relaunch the other day... here is a taste of it.

Dawn Avril Face Selfie Shot
Of course... she take selfies to post on the "attention whore social mediaaaaaaaaaas! Looking hot there honey!
Dawn Avril shows a nipple
Another hot iwannafacefuckher self shot! Whooooah... there's a nipple. Someone call the nipple police!
Dawn Avril's Alt Look
Jeeeeeeeeezus! So friggin hot! I live with her and I cannot take it.
Dawn Avril's Bubble Butt
Will ya just look at that. Look at it! Little skinny white girl bubble butt...
Dawn Avril touches herself
While I was taking video... I accidentally hit the screenshot button on my camera. So when I dumped my memory card... I had a few surprises :) Here is one of them... Dawn touching herself.
Dawn Avril takes off her panties
And this one... she is obviously taking her panties down... yeah I know... call me captian obvious.

Update | 10:49 PM

I am sitting here writing this blog... I am writing the Nikki portion and Dawn sends me a text...

"Baby... come here. I have a sexy surprise for you (insert smiley with heart eyes)"

So I go back to our bedroom... and there is a blue throw blanket spread out on the floor and she is standing there, wearing only a pair of black sheer full back panties. She pushed her butt out towards me and said...

I want you to make my pretty little panties dirty for me

My super sexy giving wife... Dawn Avril

Without getting to personal, my hands had their way with that ass... and the rest is history!

Kristi Re Added

When I re-worked my site... I had no choice but to delete the old content. It was processed in out dated techniques and just looked like crud. Reworking that stuff to fit into the new site did not make sense to me. I need to do it the right way, and remaster it all to todays standards.

I have gotten several emails from you all asking about Kristi... so I prioritized her and now she is back.

Kristi wearing a pink teddy
This is from the very first set that I ever shot of Kristi. The set is live now. It's by no means her greatest set... but for the collector... it is the beginning of a collection... Kristi's portfolio page

The Next... Nextdoor Nikki Update

Nextdoor Nikki in a sexy pose
Premium Sample Here is a sample from the next set of Nikki I plan to release later this month. What a gorgeous girl she is! Nextdoor Nikki's portfolio page

Until next time... thanks for reading.


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